Weight Loss – Building A Support System

A support system is an integral part of any personal journey and weight loss is as challenging of a personal journey as they come. A good and strong support system will help you stay on course and will keep you focused on the goals you have set. It will motivate you to take on tough challenges and it will foster personal growth by maximizing your accomplishments and minimizing your setbacks.

Although the challenge of losing weight is a highly personal ordeal, having the constant support of the people you care most about will help make the whole process a lot more bearable. As you work to achieve your goals, there will be moments when you’ll need a little push and an encouraging word. Sometimes, you simply want to have some company. Maybe you even share goals with someone and you can constantly find motivation from one another.

On the flip side, not having the support when you need it can seriously harm your chances of success. After all imagine having no way to vent out your frustrations and having nobody to cheer you on during tough times.

But how do you build your support system? Can every one of your friends and family be part of your support system? Choosing the right people to join your personal support system is as important as actually having one. As your journey is a delicate and rough it is
important to create the right system by picking the right people for the job.

First, survey your friends and family members. See who shares the same interest in personal fitness as you do. Look for people who have already achieved their physical fitness goals. Not only have they already experienced what you’re going through, they can also share tips and tricks with you. Their sculpted abs and slim waists will also surely be a potent source for motivation. Having fit friends in your support system gives you real role models. If your friends were able to achieve those bodies, then so can you. After all you’ve seen them in person and not on some infomercial.

Still your support system should not be a “fit people only” club. Include friends and family who are also looking to loose weight. Encourage them to join you in your weight loss journey. Create some fun contests with your friends and family – see who comes closest to accomplishing their weekly goal. Set group work out sessions with your friends and family. Seeing them work hard can only motivate you to do the same.

Once you have developed a support system it is important to vocal. Let  them in on your goals and ask for their support. Let them know how they can help. Odds are they will be honored that you chose them for something so important.

One last thing…

As the two key components to weight loss are diet and exercise, you can split your support system in two. Give one friend your goal friendly grocery list and find another to join you on your morning walks. Yes, the success of the whole weight loss process ultimately relies on you but remember, there is strength in numbers. Use this strength and make your
journey fun and successful.