Paleo Diet Desserts

Paleo diets are focused on healthy eating and eliminating dairy products and artificially processed foods from your daily eating habits. If you are worried of how you would survive without your favorite savories and desserts, especially if you are a person with a sweet tooth, then you must read on. This one is for you.

Though dairy products, sugar and other fatty foods are a strict no – no under the Paleo diet, the experts do not wish to keep you deprived of desserts. Paleo diet is a complete meal and living regime. Thus, it is but obvious that it includes desserts as much as the other parts of a meal. Now you would wonder how this is possible under a diet which is so against the basic food items required for preparing desserts. I mean, thinking of a dessert which does not have milk, butter, cream, sugar, jelly, chocolates is probably a difficult task.

But you need not worry. Paleo diet itself has so many healthy and tasteful ingredients that making your sweet dishes will not be difficult. All you need to do is know all that is allowed by Paleo and then use your common sense and creativity to make your lovely desserts. Here are some suggestions which you can make use of. And of course, add or delete certain Paleo ingredients to these and you can create your own recipes.

Since eggs are allowed under this diet, you can make wonderful dishes with whipped egg whites or scrambled eggs. Beating up and then chilling an egg, preferably organic, with honey, nuts and fruits can give you wonderful desserts. Ideally, cut fruits and berries and top them with honey. It acts as a great sweet recipe which you can make almost everyday with different fruits. And it does not even take much time. You can also make milk shakes by blending fresh juicy fruits with a raw egg and adding honey to it. Apple sauce, vanilla essence, etc. can also be used.

Now is a tough one. Chocolates! We all love them. But Paleo does not. So it suggests us to make our own nutrition bars at home. It is very easy to make and store. You can cut nuts and dry fruits into small pieces. Add them to warm honey and mix well. Then once it cools, refrigerate it in steel trays or moulds. It cools off into a delicious crunchy bar which not only you, but even your kids are sure to love.

If at all you feel that you are missing milk in your desserts then once in a while it is fine to use coconut milk in some quantity. Coconut palm sugar can also be a good substitute to sugar. Thus, the use of all natural foods, seasonal foods is the basic rule of Paleo and can be used to make good desserts too.

By combining various fruits, berries, nuts, some veggies, honey eggs and coconut milk, you can surely make great desserts. Just try them out and serve them. You and your guests are sure to love them.