Fighting Acne is Not Something People Enjoy

Not having good skin is a pain. A lot of us (unfairly) associate having bad skin with having bad hygiene habits even though bad skin is not a sign of whether someone keeps clean. The truth is that anybody can get hit with acne.

Acne is caused by a few different things, which makes just about everybody susceptible to it! Even thought the breakouts we face as adults are not usually as severe as the breakouts we faced as teenagers, our skin will still flare up every once in a while and knowing how to prevent that from happening is simply part of becoming an adult. This article contains a few skin care tips that you can use to keep the acne away.

Wash your face gently. Don’t wash too hard! Acne has an easier time settling into a face that has recently been scrubbed! The skin on your face is incredibly sensitive and easily injured so scrubbing is far more harmful than helpful. Giving yourself scrubbing scars can be very embarrassing! Good face washing means finding the balance between firmness and being gentle. Don’t fret–you can do it! After you wash your face take a look at it–if it is bright red then you used too much pressure. Looking a little flushed is okay, but bright red is not. A healthy sheen is a good goal, but don’t’ make yourself look like a shiny beet.

If you wear makeup regularly try switching brands to something lighter or simply wearing less of it each day. Buy makeup that has sunscreen in it instead of buying separate products and putting more clogging materials into your pores. You might even choose makeup that is made with minerals included so that the products help your skin instead of simply clogging it. Don’t base your make up choices on price alone. Wear your makeup lightly. You want to make “less makeup” your goal. Don’t fret; you can still look amazing without caking layers of stuff onto your face! This is also important: do not go to bed with makeup still on your face. Leaving your makeup on while you sleep is one of the best ways to give yourself acne.

What about the natural products that are already in your kitchen and bathroom that could help you combat those zits? Did you know that toothpaste might be able to cure pimples? Once a zit or pimple is completely formed, squeeze some toothpaste onto it and leave it alone overnight. Lock the pets out of the bedroom overnight so that they won’t try to taste the toothpaste or lick it off of your face and in the morning your zit will be a lot smaller than it was – it might even be gone!

Egg whites, when used as facial cleansers can do wonders for your acne. Either make a face mask from the egg whites and leave it on over night or dab some egg white onto a pimple with a q-tip. People deal with acne for any number of reasons. Whether you get a zit only once in a while or you suffer from bad breakouts every day does not matter–what does matter is understanding that everyone deals with acne. Acne does not discriminate against age: everyone suffers from it at some point. There are lots of fixes for skin problems. Your acne might only need to be spot treated with a mild cleanser you get at the supermarket. A dermatologist’s help might be needed to treat your skin issues. Don’t give up, you’ll find the solution you need!