Discount Contact Lenses Online

If you are a contact lens wearer you would no doubt like to find a source of discount contact lenses that offers the best price and is convenient and reliable.
If you are happy to order on the internet you can get just what you are looking for.

Ordering on line has considerable benefits:

  • The main benefit associated with ordering and purchasing contact lenses on the internet is cost. Discount contact lenses are available from many sites and the savings are often significant compared to buying from a local optician.
  • The other big benefit is convenience.  You can place an order when you need to from anywhere at any time.

However, you need to be aware that the sale of contact lenses via the internet is subject to regulation. This means that buying discount contact lenses is not quite as easy as many other online purchases. The US rules require that:

  • Online stores sell replacement contact lenses – This means that before you can order discount contact lenses online you must have a valid prescription (which usually means within the last 12 months). You should also have worn the contracts prescribed for a period without any problems.
  • Web stores must ensure that the prescription is correct – This means that as well as entering these details you will also have to enter details of the professional who issued the prescription. The store will then contact the issuer to ensure that the details you entered are correct. If there is any problem this must be raised with one business day. So this means that an order placed on a web site will not be processed until the end of the next business day. You can sometimes avoid this delay by faxing the original prescription or scanning it and emailing the copy.

The good news is that most sites will save your data, so any subsequent purchases are quicker and easier. Also once you have got through this procedure you can be confident that the discount contact lenses you receive will be identical to those you might have bought from your optician but at a lower price.

Buying Glasses Online
In practice there are more issues if you want to buy glasses online than with contact lenses. With discount contact lenses you are simply ordering replacements based on a detailed prescription including the brand, so you know exactly what you are getting. With glasses there are lots of choices to make and, of course, you can’t try the frames on before you buy. However these issues can be overcome.