Types And Causes Of Tinnitus

There are two types of Tinnitus, basically those where there is a real noise which can be heard by a doctor and those where the sufferer is perceiving a sound that does not really exist. These are known as:

  • “Objective Tinnitus” which can be caused by problems in arteries in the neck, eustachian tube, middle ears or the jaw. If a doctor can treat the cause the Tinnitus will be cured.
  • Subjective Tinnitus” which can be caused by numerous factors although exposure to load noise is a common cause. Whilst the causes are known it is still not fully understood why sufferers hear a noise that is not real, so there’s is no specific treatment. ¬†This is estimated to account for 95% of Tinnitus sufferers. Continue reading

If You Suffer From Tinnitus You Should Check Out Tinnitus Miracle

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a condition that a great many people suffer from. It is normally a constant ear ringing but can also be buzzing or hissing etc. While millions of people suffer from this affliction, very little progress has been made on a cure. There are several herbal and homeopathic remedies such as “Tinnitus Control” on the market as well as many self help guides. Here we look at one of these in some detail – the “Tinnitus Miracle” program. This program promises that people can get rid of their tinnitus in a couple of months. Continue reading

How Technology Affects The Design Of Hearing Aids

Here are some things you might need to know if you suffer from hearing loss or from Tinnitus, as you may need a hearing aid. Making a good decision regarding a hearing aid, especially if it to be used as a tinnitus treatment, takes a bit of thinking. Making an appointment with your local clinic may help you choose the right decision. You can obviously get expert opinion and facts from your doctor. Sadly, most people that realize that they have hearing loss try to fix the problem themselves. To begin improving the way that you hear the world around you, it begins with research and actually trying a hearing device. To help you make an educated decision, we are going to discuss the inner workings of hearing aids. Continue reading